Stair Spindles

Wooden Spindles for Stairs & Staircases

Here at UK Stair Parts, we produce a large range of Stair Spindles to compliment every Staircase and Handrail whether modern or traditional. Our aim is to provide customers with exactly what they need. Should you not be able to locate a specific item then please get in touch and we will point you in the right direction.

Stair spindles are produced in four standard thickness':

Ask us about sizing today and we will advise on the best one.

Every Handrail and Baserail carries a groove of matching size. Standard Stair Spindles are produced 900mm and 1100mm long. The longer of the two are mainly used for commercial properties or ‘cut string’ Staircases where the Stair Spindles are fitted directly to the treads or in some cases gallery landings.

You will find spindles in an array of designs that use different wood machining techniques. From the very basic 'Blank' design, which is completely square along the entire length to the intricate 'Twist' design, customers can opt for the most suitable. Other designs include, Chamfered, Ovolo, Georgian, Colonial, Imperial, Oxford and Provincial. The 'Fluted' design is also available, consisting of a machining technique that can be added to all turned stair spindles including, Georgian, Colonial, Imperial and Oxford. 'Fluting' is the process of machining vertical grooves into each piece after they have been turned. All designs can be accompanied by a matching newel post when required.

All of our Stair Spindles are produced 900mm and 1100mm long in pine, hemlock, mahogany, ash or oak as standard. Everything you need to finish the job is available here. Should you be looking for something in particular or have a unique design then please let us know. UK Stair Parts can copy this for you from a photograph, drawing and even from an original spindle.

Although available in varying levels of thickness, you will notice a wider range as width increases. This is due to the level of intricacy present within certain patterns, meaning the 41mm² and 50mm² are the only size spindle strong enough to withstand the design.

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