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Architecture and the Staircase

Posted on Thu December 19th 2013 by Dan

For several millennia, mankind has produced stunning architecture that has made people stop and stare in awe. Magnificent and grandiose buildings that dominate their surroundings and more humble, imaginative dwellings will always get people talking, and inspire those that see them. The interiors of these buildings offer just as much, if not more, acting as a history lesson as trends define the era in which they were constructed and represent a way of thinking and ideology that was present at the time.

One key factor of architecture through the years, and one that is easy to overlook is stairs. They are often taken for granted due to their functionality – something that is in contrast to other aspects of architecture, which are often rightfully revered while the structural importance is forgotten about.

The fact is, from a structural standpoint, stairs are a crucial element of the architecture of any building that has them – but you have to marvel at the thought and imagination that has gone into the design of many staircases around the world. Who would have thought that the process of getting from one level to another would be able to take us a magical, spiralling journey round and round, allowing us to take in our surroundings from every angle? Or allow us glide effortlessly down the steps like an A-list celebrity?

And that’s just indoors. The outside world has seen many amazingly wonderful designs for staircases, from Jacob’s Ladder on the island of Saint Helena, the world’s longest straight continuous staircase, to those found at ancient sites like Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

And modern advances in technology have allowed architects to get even more creative with their staircase ideas, with all manner of unusual designs appearing around the world. We have storage stairs, that allow you to store books and other collectables, non-supported stairs that appear to float in the air, as well as interesting takes on the traditional spiral and helical staircases.

The great thing about architecture is how it is effectively a gift to future generations and allows them to experience and enjoy buildings and what lies within them for centuries to come. And at the heart of these creations are the staircases – the connections between levels, without which we’d be stuck with our feet firmly on the ground.

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