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Can a staircase add value to my home?

Posted on Tue May 19th 2020 by James Speke

At UK Stairparts, we deal with a wide range of customers – both trade and domestic customers, looking to improve their staircase at home. Many of these customers are undertaking staircase refurbishment or replacement projects to add value and saleability to their home. 

Often overlooked, the staircase is one of the very best things you can sort out – if you are looking to sell your property. Alongside being the first thing a visitor to your home would usually see, and making a good first impression when selling your property, certainly counts. 

Estate agents, especially when dealing with premium properties – often report being asked for feature staircases – showing it’s high up the list of priorities for many buyers. The staircase, especially in larger homes, has the ability to become the main showpiece for the property. 

Many houses which have been built in decades gone by, can have traditional staircases which look tired – those looking to update their staircase on a budget, will also manage to do so with more modern, like for like stair replacement parts. 

If you have any questions about modernising your staircase, please just get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.