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Choosing the Right Stair Accessories

Posted on Fri March 14th 2014 by Dan

You can spend ages mulling over different stair parts and deciding what will look best in your home. But no staircase is complete without the extra stair accessories that add that special finishing touch. Choosing the right end caps and brackets can add an extra touch of class to your staircase to make it fit for a palace.

But these accessories aren’t just cosmetic – they are an important part of the staircase structure. The brackets in particular are crucial as they help keep the handrail firmly in place and without them, it could be dangerously unstable.

There are a wide range of options available for choosing accessories like end caps and brackets and one of the best things is they can act as a contrast to your handrail and treads, opening up the design possibilities for them. For example, if you have a wooden handrail, metallic end caps and brackets will provide an eye-catching accent that will light up your staircase.

For the brackets, there are also plenty of options in terms of their look. If you want something shiny, you can choose from a variety of metals and finishes. A polished chrome or brass finish will reflect light, leaving your staircase sparkling, while a satin finish will give it a much more subtle glow. Alternatively, you can go for heavy duty steel, enamel or plastic, painted in the colour of your choice, so your staircase can match its surroundings.

For a more cosy feel, you may want to go for wooden end caps, which can blend seemlessly into the handrail or provide a visual exclamation mark to the end of your staircase.

But if you really want to turn your staircase into a work of art, there are number of other accessories you may be interested in. Bring some life to your wooden treads with a choice of quick-drying varnishes and wax polishes. Once again, the choice available gives you full control over the look of your staircase with gloss, satin and matt options available, an application to give your stairs that beautiful finishing touch will leave them oozing class and sophistication.

There’s so much more to a staircase than steps and handrails. If you want to complete the full package you will find a wide range of stair accessories and supplies, as well as all the other components you need to create your ideal staircase, at UK Stair Parts.

Written by David Chapman of UK Stair Parts