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Engineered Oak Flooring – A History

Posted on Fri October 18th 2013 by Dan

There are many advantages to having engineered oak flooring in your home. Its thickness offers great insulation, it is more hygienic than carpet and it also looks incredibly stylish. But what’s the story behind it, and how does it differ from other types of wood flooring? Let’s have a little history lesson and examine why it’s become such a popular choice.

Engineered oak flooring varies from solid hardwood flooring in that instead of consisting of thick, solid pieces of wood, it has a multi-ply layered base with a thinner oak top layer. As only the top layer, also known as the lamella, is visible, it looks just like a solid wood floor but has numerous additional benefits, such as being more cost effective, easier to install and having a greater variety of size.

Engineered Oak Flooring

The first types of engineered wood flooring were created early in the 20th century and were described as “wood carpeting”. This consisted of thin wooden strips, glued to a heavy canvas and tacked to the floor before being sanded and coated with varnish. These early versions were quite similar to the types of laminate flooring you see today with its composition consisting of layers of paper and woodchip.

Over the decades, the processes evolved and better quality wood bases were used, much more like those used today in engineered oak flooring. Today’s engineered floorings 15mm eucalyptus multi-ply bases with a 6mm layer of European rustic oak on the top and a hard waxed finish, and with the increased use of wide plank flooring, its use has soared in popularity. As well being more durable than laminate flooring, with a lifespan of up to 25 years, engineered flooring also fares better in extreme temperatures (hot and cold) compared to laminate and solid wood equivalents, meaning no warping. It is also relatively low cost in terms of maintenance and can be placed over a variety of surfaces, including concrete, unlike solid hardwood flooring.

With its natural warmth and insulation properties, engineered wood flooring is becoming a popular choice for those looking to bring a touch of class to their home. It is suitable for all rooms and is perfect for public buildings and businesses as well. UK Stair Parts has quality oak flooring at a great value price. If you’re planning on purchasing brand new flooring, make UK Stair Parts your first choice.