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Fire & Building Regulations for Timber Staircases

Posted on Fri December 1st 2017 by Dan

Using Timber Stairs in New Build Properties

Current Fire and Building Regulations state that any building that is over 3 storeys high and only has one escape stairway should make sure the stairway is constructed of a material of limited combustibility. Recent research has shown that timber staircases provide a safe and satisfactory means of escape during a fire.

It’s recommended that any building above 6 storeys high or with a top floor that is 18m above ground level, shouldn’t use a timber staircase. Most types of timber are designed to be highly robust and provide limited combustibility when used as part of a stairway. Fire conditions relating to timber staircases can be found here.

How Can I Make My Staircase Safer?

If you’re worried about how safe staircase will be during a fire, then it might be best to think about other types of fire safety measures. Whilst some home might have things such as fire extinguishers, these will only provide temporary relief against the fire. Investing in extra fire safety measures such as sprinkler systems, will help to provide constant relief against the fire.

More and more properties, especially new builds are choosing to invest in sprinklers as they offer one of the best types of protection against fires. Combining fire safety measures with a high quality timber staircase can help to ensure must safer evacuation during a fire.

What Timber Should My Staircase Be Made From?

When it comes to staircases there are a number of different timber options available to choose from. Pine is one of the most commonly used timber options, however there are a number of other options available such as mahogany, oak, ash and many more. It’s not just the type of timber you choose it’s also important to consider other factors such as your rails. Metal rails are more likely to heat up and become unusable during a fire, whereas wood will be much more resistant. For help in choosing the best stair parts, feel free to get in touch with UK Stair Parts.