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How to Paint a Staircase

Posted on Sun January 13th 2019 by James Speke

At UK Stair Parts, we provide a massive array of wooden stair parts to both commercial and domestic customers, all over the UK. A lot of our products are used in the natural wood finish that they are delivered with, whilst many of our products are also delivered ready for painting, primed. Our primed stair parts are popular with customers looking for a nice, clean and fresh finish for their staircase. As our stairparts can be delivered primed, we have done all of the hard work on your behalf, so they simply need painting – so the below guide covers those looking to prepare and paint existing stair parts, such as stairs, bannisters and spindles.

Clean the work Area

First of all, clear the staircase and sorrounding areas – ensuring that there is nothing to get in your way. Anything you do not want to be painted, such as walls and floors – covered in dust sheets, and masking tape any joins between the staircase and those areas.

Remove carpet, coverings & nails

Once you have covered the areas and tidied up around the workspace, remove any carpets and coverings from the staircase. If there holes where nails have been, simply use a wood filler to plug the gaps and create a smooth appearance.


If you are painting over previously varnished wood, go over the wood with a fine sanding paper. This will help the paint bite. If you are painting over, previously painted wood – consider using a paint stripper to remove the old coats of paint.


Once you are at this stage, give everywhere a good clean and vacuum – ensuring you are not painting in dust and grime.


Coat the wood to be painted in a primer, which will help deliver the best possible paint finish.


Once the primer has dried, you can then apply the first coat of paint, once that has dried – you can also paint the stairs with the second coat. It’s important to take your time, and paint evenly – giving the best possible finish.