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Should I Have a Carpet On My Staircase?

Posted on Wed April 9th 2014 by Dan

If you’ve just installed a brand new staircase, you may be wondering whether you should cover it with a carpet or not. There is no simple yes or no answer and the key determining factor boils down to the staircase’s usage.

Things to consider are how many people will use the staircase, who will use it and where the staircase is located. For example, a staircase in a public building such as a school, university or a shop would be less likely to have a carpet, due to the large amount of usage it would have, as well as the risk of germs being spread. It is much easier to clean a staircase that isn’t carpeted, so it tends to be the preferred option for most public buildings.

In the home, there is a much greater likelihood that stairs will be covered by a carpet. Carpets can offer a warm, friendly feel and with them only being used a few times each day, durability is much less of a concern. It also offers an extra dimension to a home’s interior design, acting as an extension of an existing theme or possibly being used as a space to trying something different from the rest of the house – effectively becoming an extra room from a design perspective.

It is also advisable to have a carpet on the stairs if you have children in your home. Kids have a tendency to run around a lot and a carpet can prevent someone slipping if they’re excitedly hurrying down the stairs.

Most staircases are suitable for accommodating a carpet, though it’s important your staircase has risers, otherwise you will have to place small, individual pieces of carpet on or around each tread. Curved and spiral staircases are suitable for carpets just as much as straight stairs are, though installation is a bit more complicated. If in doubt, consult a carpet fitter and they will be able to give you advice on the best method of installation.

The next thing you have to consider is style and that part really is up to you. There are generally two options in terms of coverage: you can opt for a carpet that covers the full width of the tread and riser, or you can choose a narrower carpet that runs down the centre of the staircase but leaves the outer edges exposed. Many who choose the latter option opt to paint the staircase before laying the carpet in order to achieve a high-contrast two-tone effect.

Before you can put the carpet down, you need a staircase, and whether you’re looking to build a new one from scratch or just want individual components, UK Stair Parts has everything you need for stairs, with a wide range of products at great prices.

Written by David Chapman of UK Stair Parts