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Interior Design for Stairs

Posted on Thu February 20th 2014 by Dan

For any multi-floor home, the staircase is an integral part of its design. But for all the interior design ideas you see in magazines and on the web, there isn’t as much material relating to stair components and staircases. With this in mind, here are a few ideas of what to do with your brand new staircase:

STEPS/TREADS – There are a number of things you can do with the steps, treads and risers of your staircase. You could choose to carpet the whole thing. It’s not too difficult to do and gives your staircase a completely different look. You can choose whether the entire step is covered or if you want a narrower strip running down the middle of the staircase. If you choose the latter, you may also choose to paint the staircase to provide a contrast to the carpet.

If your staircase doesn’t have risers, then a carpet isn’t option. Instead, you may decide to use a classy-looking finish on the wood. There are a wide variety of finishes available, depending on what look you’re going for. Most finishes darken the appearance of the wood, though it is also possible to lighten it through a slightly more complicated process.

HANDRAILS/SPINDLES – Putting a finish on the handrails and spindles is a logical step, but how about giving them different finishes? A light finish on the handrail and a darker finish on the spindles (or vice-versa) will provide an excellent, eye-catching contrast. Painting is another option, and again, you could select two different colours.

NEWELS – The newel posts will generally look similar to the spindles, but you could put your own stamp on the staircase with a special newel cap.

WALLS – Doing something with the wall running alongside the stairs can give your staircase a completely different look without actually altering any of the actual components. Even something as simple as putting up some framed photos or paintings can have a dramatic effect. New wallpaper can also transform your staircase to a different place or time. If you don’t want to through the whole wallpapering routine, a border can prove an effective alternative and can add a beautiful touch of colour to the staircase.

Of course, you may have some amazing ideas of your own, so let your imagination run wild! Just remember, you can find all the stair components you need at UK Stair Parts.