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Iron On Veneers

Posted on Mon September 1st 2014 by Dan

You may be considering giving your staircase a whole new look but may be worried about the upheaval of replacing the relevant stair parts and the inconvenience this may cause (however temporary it may be). Usually, any disruption is minimal, particularly if you use a professional stair fitter but there’s an even simpler way of revamping your stairs, without having to buy new parts.

You can now buy iron-on veneers which allow you to make your staircase look like it’s made from a completely different timber, without having to pick up a hammer or a screwdriver!

The veneers allow you to easily cover large sections of timber and give the impression of a particular type of wood. And it doesn’t just apply to treads and risers – the veneers can be used on all parts of the staircase, including newel posts. As the name suggests, the veneers can be applied simply by using an iron to press them onto the relevant surface.

You should ensure the surface is clean and dry to ensure the adhesive takes effect. You may also with to place a sheet of paper between the iron and the veneer in order to reduce the risk of scorching. Once the adhesive has melted and the veneer is applied, you can use a cold flat iron or smooth, wooden block to remove any bubbles.

The veneers are available in a range of timber styles:

Hemlock, which has a creamy-grey colour and a similar appearance to pine, but without the knots
Sapele (Mahogany), which has darker, reddish-brown colour – perfect if you have other mahogany components or if you wish to have a contrast effect on your stairs
Ash, which is lighter than mahogany and has a very pronounced grain
Oak, an familiar favourite due to its beautiful, golden appearance
UK Stair Parts has a selection of iron-on veneers as well a full range of other stair parts, and also offer a next day delivery service if you need components quickly.