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Painting Risers

Posted on Sat September 20th 2014 by Dan

If you want to give your staircase a new look, a great way of doing it is by working on the risers. It might not be the obvious choice when you’re thinking of changing something about your stairs, but the effects can be amazing.

We’ve previously mentioned how you can buy special wallpaper for stairs but if that’s beyond your budget, you can always paint your risers instead. It’s simple but effective. You can choose any design you want, from a subtle contrast from the rest of the staircase to a vivid burst of colour that will put a smile on your face whenever you see the steps.

So how do you go about painting your risers? You may be tempted to wade straight in with your paintbrush but there are a few things you need to take into account first. First you need to think about any existing finish that is on the stairs. You should sand down the risers to give a clean and smooth surface on which to paint. If there is an oil finish on your stairs, you should use an oil-based primer before applying your paint to avoid peeling.

You should also ensure you are protected from any fumes that may come from the paint and primer you use. Wear a mask or respirator to avoid inhaling fumes and open the windows to ensure your home is well-ventilated during the painting and drying process.

You need to be careful that you don’t end up painting other parts of the stairs by accident. The best way to do this is to cover the treads, either with newspaper or plastic sheeting and tape it down so it doesn’t move under your feet while you’re on the staircase.

A foam brush works best if you’re applying a layer of solid colour. Simply start at one end of the staircase, and keep going until you’ve painted all your treads. Some colours, particularly white, may need a second coat so you may need to ensure the staircase isn’t used too much while you’re waiting for the first coat to dry. Once complete, you’ll have a staircase with a terrific, bright new look.

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