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The Social Side of Stairs

Posted on Fri May 23rd 2014 by Dan

In the workplace or the home, stairs are generally a means to an end – a method of getting from A to B. But for many people they are so much more.


The office staircase can be a real social focal point. Water coolers often seem to be positioned at the bottom of a staircase and can be the launchpad for myriad of discussions about TV, football, relationships or even office gossip.

There’s something about a staircase that makes strangers more likely to talk to each other when they pass, even if it’s just a pleasant hello in the morning. But those hellos often grow over time and become regular conversations. Compare that to a lift, where the occupants tend to shuffle their feet uncomfortably and try to avoid eye contact at all costs.

Public Buildings

Stairs in public buildings, such as shops also offer a different perspective on things. Despite their movement, escalators have a very static feel for those who use them, as they are forced to stand motionless until they reach their destination. Compare this to a staircase – people trying to get somewhere – upstairs, downstairs, or just wandering around, not really sure where they’re going. It brings life to a public place – the hustle and bustle, the sense of urgency, the feeling that people are literally going places.


In the home, the stairs can take on a whole new form to those with a vivid imagination. For children, they can represent a huge mountain, presenting a challenging ascent of the north face. Or perhaps they can be a big, gushing waterfall, with the carpeted torrent sweeping you down on your pillow-shaped raft.

They can also represent a secret sanctuary – a place of contemplation or perhaps a secret hiding place where tiny ears can listen in on the grown-ups’ conversations.

So remember, there’s so much more to a staircase than just getting you from one floor to another. It’s a place to talk, share jokes and get to know people. Friendships have been made on staircases and spouses have caught their first glimpse of each other. Where will your next trek up the stairs take you?

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Written by David Chapman of UK Stair Parts