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Stair Spindles Styles & Sizes

Posted on Fri September 21st 2018 by James Speke

Stair Spindles Styles & Sizes

At UK Stair Parts, we source, design and manufacture an excellent range of Stair Parts for both new build & staircase refurbishment projects. An important part of this range is the Staircase Spindle. Although the Spindle is one of the most common products we deal with, we do speak to many customers who are confused by the mass of terminology around Staircases, so in this post, we look at what Spindles are, as well as some of the designs & styles available.

What are Spindles?

The Spindle, which can also be known as Balusters are the vertical pieces of wood which join the base rail and the handrail of your staircase. Below, we run through some of the most popular designs and timbers used across our range of Staircase Spindles.

What is the correct Spindle Spacing?

A simple rule of thumb is to remember that you should use 8 spindles per two metres of staircase, or two stair spindles per tread. Although not exact to your staircase, in our experience – this is the easiest way to figure out quantity and spacings.

Spindle Sizes

At UK Stair Parts, we have the ability to make spindles of all styles and sizes for bespoke projects. We do however, also supply spindles in ‘off the shelf’ sizes in the following dimensions:

  • 32mm
  • 35mm
  • 41mm
  • 50mm

Contemporary Staircase Spindles

At UK Stair Parts, we supply an excellent range of contemporary stair spindles – which are supplied either in wood designed to be left well alone, or as spindles ready to treat or paint – depending upon your exact requirements. These Spindles typically boast a minimalist design, which provide sleek, clean lines as well as an important safety feature. These spindles are available in a wide range of woods, which we will cover later in this post.

Traditional Staircase Spindles

Many customers we supply spindles to, are maintaining and replacing older spindles – of traditional design, with some also choosing a more traditional style spindle for their new staircase project. Traditional spindles boast a number of different design features – some are twisted spindles, whilst others have been cut and carved into a lovely, classic design.

Spindle Wood Types

  • Pine Spindles
  • Hemlock Spindles
  • Mahogany Spindles
  • Ash Spindles
  • Oak Spindles
  • Walnut Spindles

Why Choose UK Stair Parts

At UK Stair Parts, we have worked hard to forge an excellent reputation for quality stair products and expert advice – all available online. Seeking 100% customer satisfaction, we have over three decades of experience working with both trade and domestic customers – supplying our popular range of stair parts to refurbishment and new build projects all over the UK.


You can view all of our products across our site, and please do just get in touch if you have any questions at all about the range.