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Is There Such A Thing As Too Many Stairs?

Posted on Wed August 13th 2014 by Dan

We’ve written before about how stairs are often a crucial means of getting from one place to another in cities all across the world. A simple staircase connecting two levels can eliminate the need for lengthy diversions and it can also bring communities together that would otherwise have been separated.

However, staircases need to be maintained. Handrails need to be secure and safe and steps need to be clear of obstructions like litter and weeds. Keeping a city safe and tidy should be a top priority for the powers that be in any location. That include looking after the city’s public staircases. But what happens when a city claims there are too many for it to cope with? That would appear to be the case in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where campaigners are fighting to save some of the city’s staircases which face closure because authorities say they can’t afford to look after them anymore.

Pittsburgh is one of the hilliest cities in the United States and has around 700 public staircases, the most in the country, serving a population of just over 300,000. The steps fit in seamlessly to the surrounding neighbourhoods and hills and the city’s police officers, who often patrol on bicycles are all trained to be able to ride their bikes down the steps.

The city’s authorities set aside $200,000 a year to maintain its staircases but this simply isn’t enough to cover all of them and as a result, those that are rarely used or have fallen into a severe state of disrepair are facing demolition or closure. Campaigners are fighting to save the staircases that are under threat and have even raised money themselves to have work carried out, such as the implementation of lighting, as well as more conventional maintenance like cleaning and weeding.

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