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More Unusual Stair Stories

Posted on Mon August 18th 2014 by Dan

It’s time to take another look at some more unusual stair-related stories UK Stair Parts have found across the Internet.

Motorward wrote about a vehicle taking part in the Gumball 3000 rally. The rally is a trans-continental driving event that attracts the rich and famous each year, including Hollywood actors, models and musicians. This year’s race started in Miami, finishing on the island of Ibiza. One vehicle that attracted a lot of attention was the Brabus 6×6. This modified Mercedes which has two wheels at the front and four at the back turned heads during a display event in Barcelona due to its ability to go up and down stairs with ease. Whilst it’s an impressive feat in such a robust and powerful vehicle, we don’t recommend you try and copy it on the town hall steps!

The Leicester Mercury reports that a Victorian cast-iron spiral staircase is to be preserved, having formed part of a supermarket in recent years. The stairs were once part of the historic Belgrave Road railway station and after its closure were incorporated into the structure of a new Sainsbury’s supermarket. But the supermarket has since relocated to a larger unit, leaving the future of the staircase in doubt. However, Sainsbury’s themselves intervened and contacted Leicestershire Transport Heritage Trust about finding a new home for the steps and they will now be moved to a proposed transport heritage centre in the city.

The New York Post has told of a woman in the Bronx who is suing the Metropolitan Transport Authority (MTA), Showtime and the city of New York after being injured in a fall she claims was caused when she was “spooked” by an advert for the TV series Dexter, which was printed on the treads of the staircase she was walking on.

KCCI News in Des Moines, Iowa reported on an unusual police chase that occurred in an apartment building in the city. Police were called after reports of a woman who was upset because she was facing eviction from her apartment. As they attempted to escort the woman from the building, she removed all her clothes and started running up and down the stairs, leading to a lengthy chase before she was finally caught.

Finally, the Yorkshire Post has reported on a man from York who has spent three years and £20,000 turning the space under his stairs into a fully-functioning pub! The pub features lighting, bar stools, framed photos and cask ales.

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