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Updating and Rejuvenating Your Staircase

Posted on Tue February 6th 2018 by Dan

With January out of the way and many people starting to spruce up their home ready for Spring and the year ahead, many people have been asking how they could update their staircase and give it a new look. Here we go through a number of tips to renew your staircase with new stair parts and more, to give your stairway a brand new appeal.

We have 4 Top Tips to refresh your staircase;

Stair Spindles


Stair spindles are the easiest element to change when it comes to a staircase. Changing your spindles to a different design can completely transform the look and feel of your staircase. Whether you are swapping your traditional spindles out for contemporary or simplistic spindles or the other way around, we can help. We have a range of stair spindles available here at UK Stair Parts.

If you want to keep up with the latest trends of 2018 when it comes to staircases, then we recommend opting for adorned spindles. Spindles with the more detail, the better and more on-trend you will be this year. We have a range of carved spindles in a number of designs and shapes that each create a unique look.

The most popular option to go for this year would be something like the Colonial, Georgian, Oxford, Edwardian or Twist spindles.



Create a Feature Piece Staircase


Many people this year are opting for feature piece staircases. This trends includes a number of styles such as the spiral staircase, curved staircases, glass staircases and grand, sweeping staircases.

Some may feel that these styles are not a plausible option in their home, however, creating a squared staircase that replicates a circular one can be just as effective. If you have a stand alone staircase surrounded by open space, then the glass trend may be for you. Replacing your stair risers with glass panels, or going one step further and replacing your treads and handrails with glass panels is a great way to have a feature staircase that doesn’t block light out and gives that modern glamour touch.

The Fun is in the Stair Case Details

Adding details can mean anything when it comes to the design of a staircase. The best details and additions we have seen include mixing and matching stair spindles to create a unique flow through the stairway. Adding a pass riser to each step will give the impression of a floating staircase. Mixing materials; this one is for the more daring, and includes mixing woods with metals and glass to create a an authentic, rustic look.

Add Stair Accessories

Stair part accessories can have a big impact on the overall design of your staircase, and you wouldn’t believe the impact that fresh, new brackets could have on an old handrail. Adding end caps for your handrail can have the same impact and update your staircase completely.

Other Ways to Update Your Staircase

There are many other ways to improve the look of your staircase that don’t involve much work like giving it a new lick of paint or swapping out the stair handrail for a new design. You don’t always have to replace the entire staircase to reap the benefits.

We recommend taking a look at what we have on offer to see how we can help you update your stairway and keep you on trend for 2018 and beyond.