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What Do You Keep Under The Stairs?

Posted on Tue May 6th 2014 by Dan

We often make a fuss about stairs and staircases, and rightly so. After all, we offer a fantastic selection of quality stair parts, such as handrails, spindles, treads and risers and we like to tell people about it.

That said, the area underneath the stairs often gets neglected. And there’s a whole world of mystery to be explored under there. It can be used for all manner of things. Storage is a common recurring theme but there are many innovative ways of using the space under your stairs.

The majority of homes use the space under the stairs as a cupboard, used to store household cleaning items, in particular the vacuum cleaner. It serves a double function as something as large and clumsy as a vacuum cleaner doesn’t fit in easily with many parts of the home when it’s not in use so under the stairs seems a perfect location. Out of sight, out of mind. But it’s also a handy starting point when it comes to cleaning the home. A staircase can often act as a hub in the family home – a central point with many comings and goings and storing a vacuum cleaner under the stairs means it’s never too far away from where you need it to be.

Other large objects tend to be chucked under the stairs when it’s impractical to keep them anywhere else. Sacks of potatoes, bags of cat litter and even piles of old newspapers can be found under the stairs in houses around the country.

Some use the space as an additional room – usually a small bathroom. This is handy in homes with large families, or those who often have visitors, though such a measure tends to be a luxury, rather than a necessity.

What if that space was an extra bedroom? What if it was your bedroom? Could you cope with the low ceiling?

Some inventive people decide to turn the space under the stairs into something much more practical. There have been cases of people transforming the area into a bookcase, covering the entire length of the staircase. Some people have even managed to install an oven and a washing machine into the space below!

Do you have a novel or unusual use for the space below your stairs? Let us know and send us some photos as well!

Written by David Chapman of UK Stair Parts