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Why Choose Oak for your Stair Parts

Posted on Fri September 21st 2018 by James Speke

Why Choose Oak for your Stair Parts

American White Oak,  or to give this wood it’s proper name: Quercus Alba is a an incredibly popular type of wood for everything from staircases, interior joinery, furniture and kitchen units. As White Oak is incredibly hard, it’s an excellent choice for use in areas, where durability is a must – making it ideal for staircases.


As well as being an incredibly hard wood, American White Oak is also incredibly attractive – and closely resembles European Oak with a few differences – mainly that American Oak boasts more colours ranging from yellows, to paler browns with hints of pink. The appearance of White Oak lends itself perfectly to both contemporary and traditional interiors, and the presence of Oak undoubtedly creates a luxury, classic design.

All of the American White Oak we supply at UK Stair Parts is grown in the Eastern Half of the United States – and all of this wood has been kiln dried gently, to make it an ideal choice for staining, polishing – or leaving well alone!

Below, we run through some of the products we have available in White Oak.

Oak Newel Posts

Newel Posts are some of the most important parts of your staircase, providing a key part of the staircase structure – located at the bottom and the top of the staircase, supporting the handrail. Oak is a fantastic material for these posts to be made from.

Oak Newel Caps

At UK Stair Parts, we have a wide range of Oak Newel Caps to provide the perfect finishing touches on a wide range of Oak Newel Posts.

Oak Handrails

Adding a luxury and attractive feature to the staircase, we supply a fantastic range of Oak Handrails which are available in off the shelf lengths, as well as custom lengths & styles.

Oak Treads

Treads are the part of the stair which is stepped on, as we move up and down the stairs. These treads are connected by risers, which together make a full flight of stairs. Again, oak is an excellent, hard wearing and attractive wood, which is fit for purpose.

How to Care for an Oak Staircase

If you are investing in an Oak Staircase, it’s likely that you want to keep in great condition. Although Oak is one of the hardest and most resilient woods available, there are still steps you can take to keep it looking at it’s best. Regular cleaning, as well as treating with Oil, Wax or Varnish is an excellent way to keeping your staircase looking tip top.

Oak Stair Parts from UK Stair Parts

Oak represents an incredibly important part of our business at UK Stair Parts, which is why we go to great lengths to ensure we only purchase the finest quality Oak from our suppliers. Only when we are completely confident in the appearance, grade and resilience of the Oak we purchase, do we supply it to our customers.

You can view our full range of Oak Stair Parts here, and if you have any questions about the range – please do just get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.