Customer Feedback Quotes
Just a short note (a little later than planned) to say thank you getting our oak stairs delivered so quickly. The stairs are beautifully made, arrived in perfect condition, and look fantastic now that they are installed. Really glad we were able to support such a great little company, and I would hope we can do so again in the future.
Customer Feedback Quotes

Stair Fixing Kits & Accessories

It's common knowledge that things don't last forever. They break, become old and tired and eventually need fixing or replacing. There is no exception when we talk about stairs either.

Even though stairs and their key components generally have lengthy lifetimes, they still need fixing occasionally. This is when stair fixing kits and other accessories may come in handy.

Wood adhesives, wood filler and clear drying varnish are among the most popular products our customers use to keep their staircases looking and functioning as they should.

If you are looking for Stair Fixing Kits or Stair Accessories, please take the time to browse through the range of products UK Stair Parts has supplied you with below.

To see the colour of any the items below, please click on the following link on the UK Stairparts website:-

Pine stair parts

Hemlock stair parts

Mahogany stair parts

Ash stair parts

Oak stair parts

Walnut stair parts

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