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Stair Bottom Rails

The Bottom Rails on your Stairs runs up the full length of the staircase, from the bottom of the stairs – up to the landing at the top. The Bottom Rail, also known as the base rail is supported at either end by Newel Posts, a key part of the staircase structure, these bottom rails have spindles, or panels fixed into them.

Available in a wide range of designs and timbers, to suit all types of interior (modern & traditional) interiors. Wood available for these base rails includes Pine, Hemlock, Mahogany, Ash, Oak & Walnut – so if you want to paint your bottom rail, or keep it natural – it’s no problem.

Being at the bottom of the staircase, and having the spindles, handrail and newel posts attached to it – replacing stair bottom rails are some of the more challenging staircase tasks, which is why many of our customers use it as an opportunity to replace and refresh their full staircase, with new spindles, newel posts and rails.

If you have any questions about purchasing a new stair bottom rail, please do just get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.