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Stair Spindles

Wooden Spindles for Stairs & Staircases

UK Stair Parts produce a sophisticated range of Wooden Stair Spindles that compliment every Staircase and Handrail whether is it modern or traditional. Every Handrail and Baserail carries a groove of matching size. Standard Stair Spindles are produced 900mm and 1100mm long. The longer of the two are mainly used for commercial properties or cut string Staircases where the Stair Spindles are fitted directly to the stair treads or for some gallery landings.

A range of Robust Wooden Staircase Spindles

Stair spindles are made in many different designs using many different wood machining techniques. From the very basic 'Blank' design, which is completely square along the whole length of the stair spindle to the very intricate 'Twist' design. With a range of sizes available for each option. Our other staircase spindle designs include, but are not limited to:

PLEASE NOTE: The above options are available in a range of different sizes which you can find by browsing the different sizes we have available below. The different sizes we have available include 32mm, 35mm, 41mm and 50mm.

Staircase Spindles from UK Stair Parts

Another stair spindle design that we offer is 'Fluted'. This is a machining technique that can be added to all turned stair spindles such as, Georgian, Colonial, Imperial and Oxford. 'Fluting' is the process of machining vertical grooves into staircase spindles after they have been turned. All designs can be accompanied by a matching newel post when required.

All of our Stair Spindles are produced 900mm and 1100mm long in pine, hemlock, mahogany and oak as standard. If you do not find what your looking for in our range and have a design of your own or an existing pattern to be matched, we can copy this for you from a photograph, drawing or from your old stair spindle.

Staircase spindles are available in a range of different thicknesses, although you will notice that there is more choice of the thicker the spindle size. This is because some of the patterns are so intricate the 41mm and 50mm are the only size spindle that are strong enough to cope. This might also be because the design only looks good on the thicker stair spindles.

To see the colour of any the items below, please click on the following link on the UK Stairparts website:-

Pine stair parts

Hemlock stair parts

Mahogany stair parts

Ash stair parts

Oak stair parts

Walnut stair parts

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