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UK Stair Parts supply a range of high quality solid oak stair treads and risers, curtail steps, and iron on veneers, helping you to enhance the look and functionality of your staircase. Whether you are building a staircase from scratch or cladding an old and worn existing staircase, our high quality solid oak treads and risers are perfect for the job.

What is a Stair Riser?

A stair riser is the vertical part of a staircase between one step and the next step. This part of the stairs can either be open or closed, depending on the style of your home.

Open Risers

Open risers refer the a staircase that has a gap between each step/tread. Some open risers may feature a vertical dowel riser. This is simply a dowel installed where the riser would normally be to, create a line across the open space.

Closed Risers

A closed riser refers to a solid vertical element between the two treads/steps to block the space between them.

Standard Risers

Standard risers are set to a specific height and width and will fit any standard staircase height and width. However if you have a wider staircase, standard risers will not fit. Standard risers are rectangular and are made for use on straight set staircases.

Winder Risers

Winder risers are made for those staircases that turn direction and have angled steps included.Winder risers are produced to create a snug fit for the riser as the stairs turn a corner. They are built for use on triangle shaped treads/steps. These can help create a circular, curved, winder or spiral staircase.

Bullnose Risers

A bullnose riser (or a starting step) is a decorative feature that is added to the bottom step of a staircase which is open on one or both sides. This riser curves round to create a circular finish around the bottom step. This step is often a little wider than the other steps in the staircase. The bullnose risers are built for use with bullnose treads to create that finishing touch on your staircase.

D-End Risers

D-End risers are similar to bullnose risers but create a more rounded and protruded curve at the bottom of your staircase.

Glass Risers

Glass risers can be used as part of a modern style staircase. These let light bounce through a staircase and create a more open feel to the entire space. These are used on staircases that are not enclosed underneath the staircase.

Staircase Risers from UK Stair Parts

We have a range of products to choose from, available in different sizes and styles. Please take the time to browse our product range and choose the treads, risers or veneers which best suit your needs. If you have any questions, please contact us today. Our team are more than happy to help.

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