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Solid Oak Stair Treads and Risers

Solid Oak Stair Treads

At UK Stair Parts, we we are very proud to offer a high quality range of Solid Oak Stair Treads and Risers. These treads have been made from the highest grade White American Oak, they provide a stunning finish with a classic appearance that only the finest oak can provide.

These solid Oak Stair Treads do an excellent job in refurbishing the appearance of your staircase. They combine low cost with an easy install, being cladded to your existing staircase.

They are available in 22mm and 25mm grades of thickness and are available, grooved for use with Oak Stair Risers. The range of sizes available spans from 1 metre to 1.5 metres width, making them suitable for every style, size and shape of staircase.

If you have any questions about our range of Oak Stair Treads, please do just get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.


Pre-cut Standard Stair Treads

All standard oak treads have a bullnose moulded front edge and come pre grooved underneath with a 15mm wide slot to take the solid oak 'Risers'. Both the 'Bullnose' moulding and the groove underneath can be deleted if required.

Blank Treads for Landings

We now offer 875mm x 1.4m Blank treads which are ideal for landing areas, this item is not Bullnosed or grooved.

Matching Stair Risers and Treads

You can also add that extra bit of quality to your oak staircase by using our solid oak 'risers'. Our solid oak risers are available in two sizes. At 1.0m wide the standard solid oak riser will be suitable for the majority of staircases, however, at 1.2m wide the larger solid oak risers are ideal for the wider staircase. With dimensions of 15mm thick x 219 high, all of our solid oak 'risers' should be suitable for most staircases. The oak 'risers' simply slot into the 15mm wide groove on the underside of your solid oak stair 'tread'.

Please note: The 25mm x 875mm x 1.4m are not Bullnosed on the front or grooved out underneath for a riser as standard, this can be done if requested.

What is a Stair Tread?

The tread of a stair is the part of the step that you step onto. These may be rectangular, triangular or rounded, depending on your staircase. The tread and a riser together create one step.

Stair Tread Nosing

A stair tread may incorporate nosing. Nosing is a decorative feature that involves the tread protruding slightly over the riser to create a rounded finish on each step. This can be incorporated to avoid bare wood grain on the end of the tread or to create a traditional staircase finish.

Standard Wooden Tread

Standard wooden treads are the most popular option as they are suited for standard width staircases. These are simple straight, rectangular design. For an easy installation, they are created using nosing and with a pre-cut 'slot' for a riser to be inserted into.

Winder Treads

Winder treads are triangular in shape and are used to change direction in a stair case. They are designed for angular or curved staircases and cut narrower on one side to accommodate the turn in direction of the staircase. To create a full turn in direction, you will need a number of Winder treads along with winder risers to create the full effect.

Bullnose Tread

The bullnose tread is often referred to as the starting step and sits at the bottom of your staircase. It has protruding circular sections at either or both ends of the tread. This is so the tread ca have a decorative effect and as a finishing touch to the stair case. A bullnose tread is made for use with a bullnose riser, to create that slightly rounded bottom step. If your staircase is open on both sides, you may opt for a double bullnose tread.

D-End Tread

D-End Treads are made for use with d-end risers and are similar to the bullnose tread. These d-end treads are larger in the protruding circular section on either or both sides. This is to accommodate a potential spiral newel cap or posts and stair spindles.

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