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Larger Stair Spindles

50mm stair spindles are used on all large staircases.

Made on one our 3 types of Woodturning lathes, all of our Larger 46mm and 50mm stair spindles are produced 900mm and 1100mm long in pine, hemlock, mahogany, ash or oak as standard. The longer of the two are mainly used for gallery landings in commercial properties or 'cut string' staircases where the Larger 46mm and 50mm stair spindles are fitted directly to the treads. If you do not find what your looking for in our range and have a design of your own or an existing pattern to be matched, we can copy this for you from a photograph, drawing or your old stair spindle.

How do i know how many Stair Spindles i need?

When deciding on the amount of stair spindles that you require, there are 2 good methods to use as a general guide, 8 stair spindles per metre or 2 stair spindles per tread. This will give you a very good idea of quantity, although may not be perfect.

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Pine stair parts

Hemlock stair parts

Mahogany stair parts

Ash stair parts

Oak stair parts

Walnut stair parts

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