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Oak, Mahogany, Pine, Hemlock and Ash Handrails and Baserails

FREE CUTTING SERVICE – Have all of your handrails and Baserails cut to length Free of Charge.
Whether to help with handling during delivery, reducing valuable time cutting on site or just help with fitting into your vehicle when Collecting, list the cutting sizes in the ‘Notes’ section when ordering Online and we will be happy to cut them Free of charge.

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Our standard wooden handrails are produced in many shapes, sizes and timbers, including oak handrails and mahogany handrails. Many of them are produced with grooves within the pattern that accommodates the stair spindles and Infill. All standard rails are accompanied by what we call Infill. These are the pieces of wood that fit into the grooves of the rails and separate the spindles evenly. All Infills are included in the advertised hand rail and base rail prices.

All Handrails and Baserails are available in the following lengths:-
1.0m Long, 1.2m long, 2.0m long, 3.0m long, 3.6m long and 4.2m long.

All Handrails and Baserails other than the wall mounted mopstick handrail, are available ungrooved to accept glass or in 3 Groove Sizes to accept the thickness of the stair spindles.

All profiles of staircase hand rails can also be used as wall mounted hand rails. We supply a large selection of Wall Brackets, Patrices and End caps for wall mounted hand rails including Brass, Satin Chrome, Polished Chrome, Black, White and Stainless Steel.

Whether you are looking for oak handrails, pine, hemlock or mahogany handrails, UK Stair Parts has your needs covered. We have many years experience specialising in oak handrails and can help you with your decision making.

Style your Handrail

We have a number of styles available in our catalogue of staircase handrails including;

Wall Mounted/Mopstick Handrail

The wall mounted handrail, or mop stick handrail is a wooden railing that is fixed to the wall with brackets. The handrail is tube shaped and doesn’t ouch the wall, instead stands off the wall, thanks to the brackets. This style of handrail doesn’t require a baseball or infills. Handrail cap ends and brackets are required to install this style safely and stylishly.

Low Profile Handrail

Low profile handrails are solid wood handrails in a rounded square shape. The low profile version is 44mm tall and is shaped to allow a solid grip of the handrail.

Deep Profile Handrail

Deep profile handrails are also solid wood and are a higher version of the low profile. The Deep profile handrail is 58mm high, giving the user more of a handrail to grip.

Superior Handrail

The Superior Handrail style is an elegant domed handrail that is 45mm high, with indentations on the sides of the railing to give easy grip.

Heritage Handrail

The heritage handrail is a tall pointed handrail that stands 61mm high. This style is the ultimate in regal style and will be the perfect finishing touch to any traditionalist home.

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