UK Stairparts Ltd

Timber Choices

A Timber To Suit Any Staircase

Please find below a sample of our timber options. Our complete range of staircase components and handrails are all available in the following timbers.



Pine is the least expensive timber in the range. Pine is often used when painting your staircase. Pine staircase components will always have knots. These knots are filled and sanded by ourselves where necessary, but all knots still need to be treated before you begin painting.

Primed White

Primed White

Our new Primed White items are a great time saving addition to the range. Made primarily from Poplar and other softwoods, all items are then given a nice thick Primed White sprayed finish.
A decorator will always be required to add their magic touch before a final finish coat.



We describe Hemlock as, basically, pine with very few Knots if any. A little stronger than Pine, Hemlock is a creamy grey coloured timber which is ideal for painting, varnishing or polishing.


Mahogany (Sapele)

Mahogany (Sapele) is a very strong and durable Hardwood, red/brown in colour, Mahogany (Sapele) is often used when a darker finish is required. Being very close grained, it is easy to obtain a very smooth finish when using Mahogany (Sapele).



Ash is also very strong and durable timber. Ash is often used when a lighter finish is required. Ash is very light and has a very pronounced grain throughout. Ash is often used in bars and restaurants.



Oak (American white oak), is many people’s favourite timber. A beautiful classic hardwood timber, Oak is also strong and durable. We have expanded our range to include beautiful Solid Oak Treads and Risers.



Walnut (American Black Walnut).  Very much in vogue at the moment, American Black Walnut gives that expensive looking finish to all modern projects. Whether used as a dark contrasting handrail above white posts and spindles or as a complete Walnut Staircase, this timber is increasing in popularity every day.