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Staircase Handrails and Baserails

A quality range of Handrails & Baserails for Staircases

Our Stair handrails are produced in many shapes, sizes and timbers. Many of the handrails and base rails are produced with grooves within the pattern that accommodates the stair spindles and Infill.

All Handrails and Baserails are accompanied by what we call Infill. These are the pieces of wood that fit into the grooves of the Handrails and Baserails and separate the spindles evenly. All Infills are included in the advertised Handrail and Baserail prices. FREE CUTTING SERVICE – Have all of your handrails and Baserails cut to length Free of Charge.
Whether to help with handling during delivery, reducing valuable time cutting on site or just help with fitting into your vehicle when Collecting, list the cutting sizes in the ‘Notes’ section when ordering Online and we will be happy to cut them Free of charge.
All handrails and baserails are cut to your required length. By doing this properly, you can avoid costly off cuts, ensuring a more cost effective process from start to finish.

All profiles of stair handrails can also be used as wall mounted handrails. UK Stair Parts supply a large selection of Wall Brackets, Patrices and End caps for wall mounted handrails including Brass, Satin Chrome, Polished Chrome, Black, White and Stainless Steel, as well as several handrail components and handrail accessories to help you with your project.

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Stair Handrail Height

We get a lot of people asking us about the best height for handrails. Below we have provided you with details to assist you moving forward:

  • Domestic - Domestic handrail heights should be a minimum of 900mm for both stairs and landings.

  • Public - Public handrail heights should be a minimum of 900mm on stairs and 1100mm on landings.

If you think that this is unsuitable then the answer is relatively straight forward. Cater for the people living in your home that might be better suited to a handrail slightly higher or slightly lower.

Choosing your Dream Staircase Handrail

A handrail should be a complimenting factor for your staircase, as well as a much needed safety measure. These two factors should be your main considerations before you choose the right handrails for your home.

The style of your staircase handrail is important as it links your downstairs decor to your upstairs. Wooden handrails are the perfect compliment to most styles, which is why you will find a range of wooden handrails below.

Handrails are mainly installed for safety and ease of accessibility reasons. It's a must that your handrail is solid and secure. Rest assured that all of our handrails, handrail components, handrail accessories, and handrail brackets are tested and made of the highest quality materials to ensure that your safety isn’t compromised.

Standard Stair Handrails & Baserails

Our standard staircase handrails and baserails are available in oak, mahogany, pine, hemlock, and ash. Our styles include wall mounted handrails, low profile, deep profile, superior and heritage handrails.

Purchase Stair Handrails online at UK Stair Parts

Whether you are looking for standard handrails or slightly larger handrails, UK Stair Parts has the answer to your stair handrail needs right here. If you are unsure which stair handrail to opt for, we can help you with your decision making and talk to you about the different options we have available. All you need to do is contact us and speak to a member of the UK Stair Parts team.

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Pine stair parts

Hemlock stair parts

Mahogany stair parts

Ash stair parts

Oak stair parts

Walnut stair parts

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