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Handrail Components

All Handrail Components are pictured in the popular 'Deep' profile handrail. However, many of the components are availble in various Handrail profiles. Click on the product that you require and select the profile from the drop down menu.

Here at UK Stair Parts we offer a range of stair rail Components to add those finishing touches to your staircase handrail.

Stylish Handrail Components

As part of our collection, we offer handrail turns, ramps, ends and caps. These are all available in Pine, Hemlock, Ash, Oak and Mahogany to give your home a stylish and elegant staircase.

Handrail Finishing Touches

Finishing your hand rail with the below components is the perfect way to achieve your desired style. For example adding the scroll end or volute to the end of your railing gives you a smooth and round finish to cap off your staircase.

Using turns, ramps and caps, keeps your desired style going throughout your staircase, despite any angles, turns or curves in your wall, meaning you don't have to sacrifice your overall finish.

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Pine stair parts

Hemlock stair parts

Mahogany stair parts

Ash stair parts

Oak stair parts

Walnut stair parts

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