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Posted on Wed October 23rd 2013 by Dan

There are many things that can make a big difference as to how the inside of a home is viewed – the carpet, the wallpaper, the lighting – all key interior design elements. But what about handrails? Their ability to completely transform the feel of a house is something that is often overlooked. Let’s take a look at how one subtle change can make all the difference.

A handrail can be so much more than something to hold onto on the stairs. With so many styles and designs available, installing something new can offer a completely different perspective and allow you to set the tone for the rest of your home.

It’s important to determine the kind of feel you want generate with your choice. A more traditional design can look classy and reassuring. Something more unorthodox will be eye-catching and bold.

If you’re going for a traditional or old-fashioned look, wood is the likely material of choice. There are a range of timbers available, such as pine, hemlock, mahogany, ash and oak, all of which can provide a classy, high quality look to your rail.

For a completely different feel, metallic handrails are another option. These offer the chance to be more experimental with the look you’re going for but have their drawbacks, such as being more expensive than wood and being more difficult to maintain.

As well as the rail, the brackets can also add to the look and allow you to have a stylish combination of wood and metal on your staircase. Chrome is a popular option and very good value as well, though some prefer the old style feel of brass or wrought iron. However, if you’re sticking to the traditional theme, there are plenty of wooden accessories to accompany the rail.

Although style is important, safety is also a key factor and the reason why we have handrails in the first place. So make sure this isn’t compromised when choosing your design. Use it to your advantage making the area that acts as a barrier into a focal point of the staircase. For the really inventive, this is a real opportunity to get creative and come up with something that will really wow visitors, friends and family. For the less daring, you can use it to further enhance the sophistication of your stairs.