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Replacement Spindles Guide

Posted on Thu July 12th 2018 by James Speke

Spindles, also known as ‘that bit between the handrail and the floor’ are also known as Balusters. These posts (oh yeah, they are also known as posts) connect both the base rail of the staircase, and the handrail of the staircase. Running the full length of the staircase, these spindles not only provide essential support and strengthening to the staircase, but also add an important design element – whilst keeping the users of the staircase safe.

Choosing your Spindle

The Spindle is one of the most decorative items of a staircase, as such there are a number of different types of spindles available, including straight, twisted and more decorative designs. Although we have the capacity to make spindles to any size requirements, typically – our spindles are sold in 32mm, 35mm, 41mm and 50mm stair spindles.

Our range not only covers a range of different sizes, but the designs also ensure that both contemporary and traditional staircases are well catered for.

Full Replacement or Part Replacement

Removing broken spindles, and replacing them with new spindles keeps your staircase both safe and looking great. Whilst alot of our customers choose to replace their entire range of spindles as part of a wider staircase refurbishment, many customers also choose to replace just a couple of broken spindles.

The range we supply means that whether you are replacing your full collection of spindles, or just an individual broken spindle – you can find the style and size that matches your staircase.

Building Regulations

As Spindles play such an important role in the safety and security of a staircase, building regulations state that the gaps between spindles should not be larger than 100mm. The lowest height of a handrail in domestic properties is 900mm, whilst commercial properties need 900mm on staircases, and 1100mm on landing areas.

Spindle Wood Types

To ensure we provide all of the products that our customers will ever need, we provide spindles in a wide range of different woods. Wood provided includes Pine, Hemlock, Ash, Mahogany and Oak.

As always, if you have any questions about our range of replacement spindles, please do just get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.