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Wallpaper for Stairs

Posted on Wed June 18th 2014 by Dan

If you’ve ever redecorated your home, chances are you’ve spent time searching for wallpaper to suit particular rooms in your home. And while picking a theme for the living room and bedrooms may seem straightforward, one area which can sometimes prove a sticking point is the hallway, and in particular, the stairs.

Deciding how you want your stairs to look can be a tricky process, as you must consider whether it should match the décor upstairs or blend in with how things look downstairs. An alternative solution could be to give the staircase a whole new look of its own, different to everywhere else in the house. Some people like to use the walls next to the stairs to show off their creative streak in the form of fancy wallpaper, photos and artwork.

However, there’s another way of giving your stairs a new look – wallpaper ON the stairs. It’s such a simple idea but the results can be incredibly effective, giving your stairs a stunning, sophisticated look.

It works like this: you take your desired wallpaper design, you cut it into strips to match the height of your risers and voila! Your staircase comes to life! The options are limitless. You could go for a fancy floral design, some pretty patterned paper or a solid hue. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you could combine several different wallpaper designs, adding a real splash of colour to your stairs and creating your own version of the mosaic stairs we covered previously on this blog. If you decide on a single colour or pattern, you could add depth and contrast to it by painting the spindles and handrail a different colour.

If you’re willing to spend a little extra, you could have bespoke wallpaper made to offer whatever look you want. One fashionable option is wallpaper that features printed text, broadcasting a message to the person climbing the stairs. This could be in the form of a poem, song lyrics, inspirational quotes or for the old romantics, a series of love messages to remind that special person in your life what they mean to you.

Those with a lively sense of humour can take advantage of this form of decorating as well, thanks to an array of funny designs, such as one that appears to show mice running about on the stairs, complete with mouseholes.

If you are selecting wallpaper for your stairs, you need to have your various stair components in place first, and there’s no better place to look than UK Stair Parts, with a range of quality parts, including treads, risers, handrails and spindles.