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Why fit an Oak Staircase?

Posted on Tue May 19th 2020 by James Speke

If you are looking to renovate a staircase – there’s a number of different wood types to choose from – with oak being one of the most popular. Below, we run through why Oak is one of the most popular types of wood to be used on a staircase:


How it looks

Oak is a very attractive wood – and retains a lovely, natural colour which can be polished to look absolutely fantastic. It’s also an easy wood to paint, or stain – so there’s a number of style options available. 


Speaking from personal experience, Oak is one of the easiest materials to use and work with – and it’s appearance suits both traditional and modern staircases. Oak has long been one of the favourite wood types with joiners and craftsmen. 

It’s Tough

Oak has never gone out of fashion, mainly because it’s so hard wearing – continuing to look great for years to come. If you want to choose the very best material for your staircase, oak is it. 


Unlike some finer woods – Oak is not rare, which means it is affordable by comparison to other woods, such as Mahogany. American oak is fantastic quality and is also available to purchase at an excellent price point.