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Solid Oak Stair Treads and Risers

Our solid oak treads are fantastic in both quality and price. Our solid oak treads are available in three sizes. With their generous dimensions of 22mm thick x 270mm deep x 1.0m wide, the standard solid oak treads will be suitable for most staircases. We also stock the larger solid oak treads which are 1.2m and 1.5m wide and ideal for the wider staircase and the more unusual shaped staircases.  All standard oak treads have a bullnose moulded front edge and come pre grooved underneath with a 15mm wide slot to take the solid oak 'Risers'. Both the 'Bullnose' moulding and the groove underneath can be deleted if required.

We now offer 875mm x 1.4m Blank treads which are ideal for landing areas, this item is not Bullnosed or grooved.

You can also add that extra bit of quality to your oak staircase by using our solid oak 'risers'. Our solid oak risers are available in two sizes. At 1.0m wide the standard solid oak riser will be suitable for the majority of staircases, however, at 1.2m wide the larger solid oak risers are ideal for the wider staircase. With dimensions of 15mm thick x 219 high, all of our solid oak 'risers' should be suitable for most staircases. The oak 'risers' simply slot into the 15mm wide groove on the underside of your solid oak stair 'tread'.

Please note: The 25mm x 875mm x 1.4m are not Bullnosed on the front or grooved out underneath for a riser as standard, this can be done if requested.

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