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90mm Georgian Full Newel Posts

Construction : All of our newel posts, no matter which design or length, are made from solid timber. No veneers or cladding is used in the construction of our newel posts.

Elegant and stylish. Those are two of the words that came to mind as soon as we laid eyes on our fantastic 90mm Georgian Full Newel posts. If you're looking for visually pleasing, high quality 90mm Georgian Full Newel posts in the UK, you've certainly come to the right place. We pride ourselves on offering the best 90mm Georgian Full Newel posts to customers, which is why we firmly believe that we should be your first and only port of call for 90mm Georgian Full Newel posts, anywhere in the UK.

'An elegant yet simple stair look to create a truly wonderful, homely feel' is how we'd describe these fantastic newel posts. Our 90mm Georgian Full Newel posts are available in 5 different finishes, including Pine, Hemlock, Mahogany, Ash and Oak. This allows you to rest easy with the knowledge that we have the perfect finish to suit not just your staircase, but your whole home. You can see our range of 90mm Georgian Full Newel posts below.

We strive to achieve complete and utter customer satisfaction with the 90mm Georgian Full Newel posts that we offer to customers, so why not invest in our quality 90mm Georgian Full Newel posts today?

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