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Changing Newel Posts

An Important Part of Any Staircase

Newel posts are one of the largest and most important part of staircases. Due to the size and complexity of the newel posts, they are often one of the most expensive parts of the staircase. This is the reason that many types of newel posts don’t always match the exact cope or style of the railing systems.

Whilst it’s important to have a newel post, it also doesn’t need to be a large and luxurious one. Also because railing systems often come near the end of any staircase project, if the newel wasn’t considered early on then many people find themselves going over their budget and no longer have the money to spend in the balustrade or newel.

Many people choose to save money by downgrading the choice of their balustrade, so when it comes to upgrading the home or staircase at a later stage, a newel post would be a good place to start. The newel is something everyone sees so always try to ensure that your main one has some form of decorative look, especially when you’re trying to achieve a more rich and elegant look.

The Newel Changing Process

Changing the newel is a relatively easy and inexpensive process, to help smarten up the look of your bannister, staircase and hallway. To replace a newel it takes very little skill and most people who can handle basic DIY are capable of changing one.

To start with you must remove the existing newel, the new post should then be cut to length. Cutting the newel can be the difficult part so it’s always recommended to order your newel from a staircase supplier to ensure it fits.

Once you have your new newel, it should be installed in place of the existing newel. The style is completely down to you, it could a similar style to your old one or could be something brand new. For example some people might choose to replace a turned newel with a box newel or vice verse.

If you choose a newel that’s a different size to your existing one, then this can make the process of replacing it much more difficult. It’s always recommended to keep your new one the same size as your previous one otherwise you’ll need to adjust the handrails or cut the newel.

To achieve a new look at a more affordable price, you can simply replace the main newel and leave the other newels on the balustrade / staircase as they are. If you choose to do this then it’s important to ensure that your new main one, meets the style of your existing secondary newels.

Even when it comes to new balustrade installations, the post that’s at the beginning of your staircase if often referred to as the grand newel, as this is commonly more decorative or visually captivating than others down the line. So if you’re wanting to add a bit of extra flare to your stairs without having to replace all of your stair parts, then this could be the best option for you.