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Importance of Handrails

What are Handrails?

Handrails are commonly known as bannisters or bannister rails. Bannisters are designed to act as a support structure when people climb stairs. They can be built into the design of a staircase or can be attached to walls to act as support for when people climb them. The requirements for rails vary depending on the style of staircase, some require one whereas others require two rails.

Rails can come in a variety of materials including wood, acrylic, metal and much more. The most common type of stair rail is wood. People regularly choose wood for stairs, as parts can be easily sourced or replaced. Wood is also a strong and highly durable material.

Why are Handrails for Stairs Important?


The importance of handrails is generally put down to safety, using rails on stairs can stop people from tumbling down them. Stairs than don’t have rails can be dangerous for anyone, especially young and old people. Having a rail to support your stairs is now a legal requirement by law, and all building firms, joiner or any other tradespeople that install them must ensure they have some form of supporting rail.

In the UK alone, research has discovered that around 1000 a year die from falling down stairs, and around 100,000 people are treated for injuries regarding them falling down stairs. Stairs are where most home based deaths and injuries occur.

By having a supporting rail installed alongside your stairs, you’re helping to prevent injuries and potentially death from occurring. With elderly and young people being most at risk, it’s important to ensure that the stairs in your home or even business, meet with current building regulations to help keep people safe.

Any damaged or broken parts should be repaired or replaced as soon as a problem is noticed to ensure everyone is kept safe, when using the stairs.

It’s recommended that rails are installed by professional joiners, staircase installers or other tradespeople to ensure they are correctly fitted to the wall. All rails should be fitted and installed, how the supplier or manufacturer recommends.

Safety Tips for Rails

  • Rail at an average height for all ages
  • Make sure rails are attached correctly
  • Rails should be made out of durable material
  • The rail should be easy to grip

The government campaign advises that people should take care on stairs by holding rails, and by not carrying too much up or down the stairs, at any one time. They suggest that stairs should be well lit and clear of clutter. Having a securely fixed rail, can support people coming up and down the stairs. Taking the correct precautions can help to ensure people are kept safe when using the stairs.

Home Interior Décor

Although safety is the main priority when it comes to stairs, another important thing when it comes to rails is home interior décor. When choosing a rail, there are many different styles and designs to choose from. Bannisters come in a range of materials such as wood, stone, metal and much more.

Most rails can be designed or painted to suit specific requirements such as matching baserails, spindles and bannister. Wooden rails can be hand carved to included engraving or patterns to create a more decorative feel. Nearly all types of rails for stairs can be painted or even stained, to create a more decorative look.

Any staircase has the chance of becoming a statement piece in the room, this can be achieved through various design features including things such as newel posts and handrails. With the ability to design and customise rails to suit your specific requirements, it’s easy to achieve an eye-catching design.

Wooden rails are well designed and are made of highly durable materials. The majority of stairs have wooden rails, as it’s simply one of the toughest and most easily customisable types of rails available.

Metal rails tend to have a more industrial style influence, whilst managing to retain a classic and elegant feel. From simple designs to more modern chrome features, it’s easy to create a stylish staircase through the use of metal rails and other stair parts.

Staircases can either be a plain and normal staircase, or they can be a focal point in your home. Most people like their stairs to be a main focal point in the room, as it allows them showcase something that’s usually seen as boring in a much more vibrant and unique way.