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Mexico’s House of Stairs

Posted on Mon April 14th 2014 by Dan

Building a house on a slope isn’t something you see too often these days. Aside from the obvious logistical issues there is the problem ensuring everything is level on the inside.

That hasn’t phased Mexican architects Dellekamp Arquitectos, who have built not just a house, but a full housing complex on the side of a hill, overlooking a lake. Their “House of Stairs” features three townhouses on four levels and was designed specifically to minimise excavation maximise the stunning views available.

Each house consists of four boxed levels, making their way down the hill with staircases interconnecting them. The levels offer a mixture of privacy and communal area, allowing residents to easily mingle with people from the other houses but also allowing the luxury of their own private space whenever they need it.

The vast majority of the trees in the vicinity of the project were preserved while the rest were replaced with new trees. The trees that were replaced were generally in poor condition so the overall quality of the environment at the site has been improved. Local materials were used in the houses’ construction, further enhancing the natural feel to this most unnatural of dwellings.

And considering the key selling point of the complex is the views of the lake at the bottom of the hill, creating a natural landscape, or rather having minimal disruption to the existing was a vital part of the plans. Those looking for a perfect spot have plenty of choice. Each house in the complex has five balcony areas overlooking the hill, reminiscent of an Esher painting or even the futuristic bunker inhabited by kids’ favourites the Teletubbies.

What pulls the whole thing together is the staircases. Stone steps act as the passageways between balconies and platforms, with stone and wood being a common theme both inside and out, on each level. Wooden handrails act as barriers, marking out the edge of each level, finished off with a mesh fill that ensures style isn’t compromised in the name of safety.

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Written by David Chapman of UK Stair Parts