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32mm Stop Ovolo Stair Spindles

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All of our Fine Sanded timber Stair Spindles are made from One Solid piece of timber, not Veneered, Engineered or Laminated.

Please note: Items are pictured finished for photography purposes only. All items arrive fine sanded, ready for you to finish in any way you choose.

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The 32mm Ovolo Stair spindle is a popular design at present. A simple and effective design, the 32mm Ovolo stair spindle also has the added benefit of being quick to produce and therefore seen as a relatively cheap option. As with all 32mm Stair spindles, the 32mm Ovolo Stair spindles are most suitable for the small to medium size staircases.

How do i know how many Stair Spindles i need?

When deciding on the amount of stair spindles that you require, there are 2 good methods to use as a general guide, 8 stair spindles per metre or 2 stair spindles per tread. This will give you a very good idea of quantity, although may not be perfect.

Here at UK Stair parts, most of our customers use the Ovolo newel posts with the 32mm Ovolo spindles but the Blank newel posts are also a popular choice.


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