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Bulldog Fixing (Newel Post Support)

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One of the most difficult tasks when building or renovating a staircase is finding a good quality place to site your newel posts, if you are just renovating an existing staircase thats not very old, this will not be so difficult as you can use the existing baseposts and Pin Newel posts, which is stronger. However, if you are changing the layout, going on to a concrete, wooden or tiled floor, locating the posts then becomes much more difficult. The ‘Bulldog’ fixing takes away all of the worry of finding a place to locate the Newel Post, simply screw to the floor in a position of your choice and drop a pre recessed post on top, once in place, simply screw through the side of the post, into the ‘Bulldog’ fixing. Although We can recess any style post in any timber, as long as it has a square section at the bottom. When finished, the ‘Bulldog’ fixing is completely invisible. Nothing will ever be as strong as a traditional ‘Pin newel’ joint but where that is not possible, the Bulldog fixing gives you a great way of locating the Newel post to areas that would otherwise be impossible using traditional methods. It really is that easy and saves a Whole lot of time when locating a Newel post.

Material : Nylon
Dimensions : 50mm dia with 70mm square base.
Overall height is 92mm


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