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35mm Primed White Chamfered Stair Spindles

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The 35mm Primed white Chamfered stair spindles, like all primed white stair spindles, are among the most popular spindles because of their low cost and convenience to the customer. Our primed white spindles have an excellent smooth finish, which saves a lot of time and effort and also makes for a better overall end product. Our 35mm primed white Chamfered stair spindles are available at 900mm long or 1100mm long.

How do i know how many Stair Spindles i need?

When deciding on the amount of stair spindles that you require, there are 2 good methods to use as a general guide, 8 stair spindles per metre or 2 stair spindles per tread. This will give you a very good idea of quantity, although may not be perfect.

“I buy a lot of White spindles and cannot believe the finish on your white spindles, they are so much better than anything else on the market” Brendan

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900mm, 1100mm


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